Startup Services

Wheal Media loves working with startups, especially those with a big vision. Providing full stack development, we can handle the entire software development of your startup or alternatively only become involved in a specific area. We have experience of designing and architecting highly scalable APIs, web platforms and infrastructures.


Over recent years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) have become the de facto standard for startups. It offers highly scalable resources on a “pay for what you use” basis. This allows startups to create globally distributed, fault tolerant and scalable systems on a shoestring budget.

Wheal Media keeps up to date with the latest AWS developments and regularly attends AWS events; including the recent AWS Summit in both London and Berlin.

CTO as a Service

Unless a technology startup has a CTO it will struggle to start off in the correct direction. There are plenty of website and app development companies who can build your product but few will have the necessary skills to build a highly scalable and reliable system. It is much better to start off with a good foundation rather than fixing things later. Get in touch to discuss your startup and see how we can help.