Our Process


Definition Icon

Before starting a project it is really important to spend time understanding your business and to clearly define your objectives and goals.

Don’t worry if you only have a high level concept. We regularly work with businesses in this situation and can put forward suggestions and provide a range of options to meet your needs.

With this information, we put together a project scope and provide a detailed quote. We don’t normally charge by the hour and instead charge on a per project basis.


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Our general design process starts by creating a sitemap or app flow. This is a high level overview of all the pages or screens that will be in the website or app along with a basic idea of the content. From this, we move onto creating wireframes. These focus on the positioning of elements and ensure that the user’s flow is clear. Wireframes completely avoid all colour and use shapes to denote icons and other visual elements. Finally, we produce a high fidelity design which will match the final website or app.


Development Icon

Once the designs are approved we have everything we need to build the system.

When ready for a review, we setup a staging site on our servers where you (and possibly a select number of beta testers) can review, test and provide feedback.


Testing Icon

We consider testing to be the most important part of our process. Not only does it look unprofessional if a piece of functionality doesn’t work as intended but we are also very aware that it might cost you business. As a result, we robustly test all the code we develop and if developing a web application we will have written test scripts as part of the development phase. In the future, should you require additional features or changes we can simply rerun these tests and check that none of the existing features have been affected.


Launch Icon

Once approved, we deploy your website to a production server and check that everything is working as expected. In the case of apps, we will submit your app to the iTunes App Store.


Support Icon

Once launched, we move into a support role where we offer a warranty period for any unforeseen issues which are covered as part of the original development.

Long term, we offer a variety of support packages ranging from periodic individual updates to agreed monthly support contracts.