Colchester Power Flushing

Landing Page

Colchester Power Flushing, a subsidiary of Greenstar Colchester, required a basic landing page to target customers potentially interested in having their home “Power Flushed”. Wheal Media undertook the entire design and development of the page.

Establish Potential Customer Thought Process

Early on in the project it was important to clearly define the purpose of the page and establish the average potential customer’s thought process. This resulted in the final page having a clear flow through the use of colour and font weight.


Interactive Elements

In addition to static content, the page included a basic calculator to give potential customers an estimate of how much it would cost to power flush their house and, more importantly, how much money they could save from their energy bill as a result.


Responsive Design

Today’s users of the Internet are expecting websites to look and function perfectly regardless of device or screen size they are using. Like all new websites that Wheal Media creates, the Colchester Power Flushing page is responsive and so looks and functions correctly across all screen sizes.

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